Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Fox Run Run

When: Saturday, December 8th, 10:30 AM

Where: N6392 Briar Trace, Plymouth

What: 6 mile trail run, followed by lunch and refreshments

Why: Nothing's better on a weekend than some Trails and Ales

A week from Saturday the Greenbush Trail Runners will be having another group run, and this one will start and finish at my house!

Because I live in the "Fox Run" subdivision, this race is going down as the Fox Run Run.  It'll feature a bit of pavement in the first mile to warm everyone up, and then about 2 miles of Ice Age Trail.  At that point, we'll be exploring some new single track (and I mean single track) trails with plenty of hills and views. 

I'd say the first 2 miles are gentle.  The next 2 miles are a bit more challenging, but at mile 4 you'll be rewarded with "an aid station with a view".  The final 2 miles will make you earn your burger/brat/smore/refreshment that I'll be supplying after the run.  I can guarantee you've never run on the last mile of I've had to rehab a very old trail quite a bit to make it into something that one could actually follow.

I'd love to get 10 people out there with me, so bring a friend!  We'll be leaving my house (N6392 Briar Trace, Plymouth, WI) at 10:30 AM, rain, snow, or shine!

If you have any questions, let me know, and like I said...bring a friend!  As always, Man's Best Friends are guests of honor.

- Nic