Saturday, December 29, 2012

January Group Run

The January group run will be on Saturday Jan 12th and we'll meet up at the Greenbush group camp parking lot (this is the lot with the large ski shelter) at 11am. The original plan was to run the 9.3 miles of snowshoe trails but the trails continue to get pounded with snow. Plan on running 7-9 miles but as for the course we'll probably decide that day.  IAT, snowshoe trails, snowmobile trails or roads whatever it takes we'll get a run in! Hope you can join us.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

We're In!

The 2013 Ice Age Trail Races sold out in less than 2 days, but several GTR's made it in:

Nic, Matt, and Dan are running the 50 miler, and Tony is taking on the Half Marathon.  Anyone else I missed?

Now, time to start training...I don't think I've been this nervous about signing up for an event in 5 years!  Here we go...146 days and counting!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Run Stuff

The Fox Run Run was a success!  We had a good time on a pretty tough course, and there were even requests to run it again.  Those requests will be obliged!

Here is a list of Trail Races in Wisconsin in 2013.  From distances of 2 miles to 100 miles, you can find what you're looking for:
The Ice Age Races are great events, especially if you're just starting to get your shoes dirty in trail running.  I highly recommend the half marathon.  Just be sure to get registered--Registration opens on December 15th, and last year all races sold out in 10 days!

As for me, I'm looking at the Ice Age 50k (or 50 Mile?) in May and the Glacial Trail 50k (or 50 mile?) in October...along with more Greenbush Trail Runners Group Runs, of course!  Keep an eye on the "Scheduled Events" tab for more information on those.  The next run will be January 12th, and the next NK 50k will be April 6th--get it on your schedule now and join us for all or part of the run!

Finally, Dan has started a blog about his runs in the Northern Kettles.  The first installment is a recap of his attempt to run the entire Northern Kettle Ice Age Trail, out and then back.  Click here to find out how it went and what he learned...PART 1, and PART 2.  Great Job, Dan!