Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feb 9th GTR Pancake Run
Who's down for a trail run, pancakes and beer? Come on out and join us for an 8.5 mile run followed by pancakes over a bonfire. The course will be half roads and half trails, the trail running will be done on the IAT and Greenbush connector trail. Start and finish will be at W8499 Spring Valley Dr. in Greenbush. We'll kickoff the run at 9am.

If your four-legged friend wants to join us please bring them along but you might want to bring a leash for when we are running on the roads. Bring warm clothing and boots to change into for around the fire. Looking forward to spending some trail time with everyone and hearing everyone's running plans for 2013!

I've never attached a Google Map location before so hopefully this works.

Oh, and one more thing. Nic Giebler is planning on eating bacon while running the Pancake Run................... not sure if he's going raw or cooked.

See you on Feb 9th!

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's F.C. out.

I figured I'd post something about where I am in training and what's coming up for the Greenbush Trail Runners...

I'm signed up for the Ice Age Trail 50 Miler in May.  My training plan officially started today with a 45-minute easy effort...which didn't happen.  It's really, really cold out.  I was going to head out tonight to get my time in, but instead I played with my boy and then sat in the warmth of my home.  Tomorrow I'll make up for it by pulling a double.  Promise!

I started to get back in to "running mode" over the last two weeks and am feeling that wonderful soreness of muscles that I really missed.  I had taken off the month of December of any real training, and while I really enjoyed the extra chocolate during the holidays...I'm very much enjoying the sore leg muscles that the training is bringing back.  As I mentioned, this week is the kick-off for Ice Age 50, and with Matt, Tony, and Dan all heading down the La Grange for the run, I'm excited to start the training cycle!

I've officially retired my Hoka Bondi's as of last week.  I ran one last long run in them, and the blistered the heck out of my feet.  I have a new pair of New Balance MT110's (updated version, with less lateral build-up) on the way and am excited to try them out.  Other than that, there's not much to report on training.  I feel chubby and slow right now but hope to build some serious hill climbs in the next couple months to get ready for Ice Age. 

One of my all-time favorite training runs happened in 2011, when Tony and I ran 16 miles of hill repeats on the Ice Age Trail (Glenbeulah Trailhead was the starting point). Snow was still on the trail, but we grinded out 4 repeats to Mile Marker 2 (a serious workout!) and hated the majority of it...but the sense of accomplishment was epic...and I hope to hammer out 20 miles this spring in my training.  Who's in?

As for upcoming GTR runs, we are scheduled to get together on February 9th, March 9th, ... and then the 3rd Annual NK 50k on April 6th, so plan on joining us for all or part of a great day in the woods!

That's about it for now.  Someone will be back with more info on the upcoming group runs.  In the meantime...get out to the Glen Trailhead, and let me know you're coming! 

Happy Trails!