Friday, February 15, 2013

3rd Annual NK50k

Earn one of these highly coveted stickers on April 6th!

We're putting together quite the event for the first Saturday in April!  The "NK50k" is a end-to-end run of the Northern Kettle Moraine Ice Age Trail, which is 31.6 miles from one end to the other.  In addition to the full distance, we'll have a 15-mile run and a 7 mile run.  If you have an equipment/drop bag, it will be available to you at several locations throughout the run, so plan accordingly!

The 15-mile run will start at Butler Lake and follow the Ice Age Trail to the northern trailhead on Hwy P.

The 7-mile run will start at the Greenbush Picnic Area and finish at Hwy P.

The idea is for all runners to finish around the same time, at which point we will head over to Fudgienuckles in bustling downtown Glenbeulah (exactly one mile away from the finish line) for burgers, brats, bison, and beer...and coffee, if your name is Dan Crouse.  Who drinks COFFEE after a run?!

Several door prizes will be available for remarkable "Best Wipeout" and similar feats of human achievement.

Here's a schedule.  Keep in mind we are running from South to North this year:

5 AM -- Pick up runners who are leaving their car at the Hwy P trailhead, and drive South to the start at the Hwy H trailhead.

5:45 -- Official Start of the 31.6 mile run, from the Hwy H trailhead.  Feel free to meet us at the start if you'd like. 

7:30 -- 15-mile runners will be picked up at the Hwy P trailhead, and driven South to Butler Lake.

8:30 -- 15-mile runners start running!

10:00 -- 7-mile runners start from Greenbush!

11:00(ish) -- The runners begin gathering at the finish, and make their way over to Fudgienuckles.

Basic Aid will be available at mile 5 (for the 31 mile runners), and then at Butler Lake (Mile 15) and Greenbush (Mile 24). 

HERE IS A MAP OF THE ROUTE...Just follow the yellow dots from South to North!

HERE IS A MILEAGE BREAKDOWN...Use the right-side column for the South to North mileage.

Questions?  Feel free to comment here or email me and I'll help you out. 

- Nic