Monday, February 16, 2015

5th Annual NK50k - April 11th, 2015

Only 28 of these stickers have been earned thus far! Join the elite company! 

Join us for a point-to-point tour of the Northern Kettle Moraine Ice Age Trail!

It's time to kick off the Northern Kettle Trail Running Season!

At 7:00 AM, we will start at the southern end, the Highway H Trailhead.  Transportation will be provided  to the start from the finish (Glenbeulah Trailhead), leaving at 6:15 AM.

After we're done, we'll enjoy some burgers, refreshments, and PRIZES at either Nic's House (only 2 miles by car from the finish), or Fudgienuckles.

There will also be a 25k option that will start at Butler Lake.  Again, this run will be Point-to-Point, finishing at the Glenbeulah Trailhead Parking Lot.

The 25k will start from Butler Lake.  This stop is also where Aid will be provided to the 50k runners.  See the map below for details.

Aid and access to drop bags for the 50k runners will also be provided at Mile 3.5 and at Mile 25. There is water available along the course at additional spots as well, at or near the backcountry shelters.

The Schedule

5:30-6:15 - Check-in.  We are requesting a $10 contribution to cover expenses.

6:15 AM - The transportation will be leaving from the Glenbeulah Trailhead and take runners to the start at Hwy H.

7:00 AM - The NK 50k Starts at the Hwy H Trailhead.  Have fun!  The last 3 miles of the run are the most technical (but, they're downhill!) of the entire pace yourself :)  As Dan would say "If you get hurt, it's your own darn fault!"

9:15 AM - The 25k runners will be picked up at the Glenbeulah Trailhead (the finish), and taken to their start at Butler Lake.

10:00 AM - The 25K runners will take off!  Enjoy!

11:15-? - Welcome back to Glenbeulah!  Congrats on a great morning in the Northern Kettles!  Now, off to celebrate!

The Course
Aid Stations will include Water, Sports Drink, Coke, Mt. Dew, S!Caps, and assorted normal "Ultra Aid Station" foods.  Any special requests?

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please ask away!  Let's make this the best year yet.

We need some solid numbers on participants to make sure we have enough stuff (BEER) at the finish, so please contact Nic or Tony or comment here, or comment on the Facebook page that you'll be running!

And Finally...REMEMBER:  This is a fun run.  The best effort will be made to provide aid as scheduled and at those locations, but stuff happens, so go in to this run assuming you're on your own!  No Whining!


  1. I would love to go. What is the address of the Glenbulah trailhead where we park?

  2. Looking for a ride from Milwaukee for the 25K start, anyone headed up in the morning?

  3. Tammy, did you receive my email? Laura, you may want to post something on our Facebook page also.

    1. I did not get the email my address is can you send it to me? I would like to go.

    2. Tammy, I emailed you. Hope it works!

  4. Hello Nic! Thanks for putting the nk50k together. A bunch of us (6) from the Southern KM are coming up to run the 25k+. We will take care of our own shuttle/transportation. We plan to add the Parnell loop to the 25k for a little extra excitement! Please let me know the run fee/donation. Thanks again! Deb Vomhof, Jose Villegas, Kathryn Dunn, Andy Arena, Jim Blanchard, Joe Cox.

    1. Deb, Sounds great! I'll see you at the 25k start, and at the finish. Glad to have you all joining us again!

  5. Im coming up from south. If I meet at start on hwy H will anyone be around after party to give ride back to start or should ai just meet at 6:15 and loose an hr of my precious beauty sleep lol. Oh Nick I guess this is my rsvp

  6. Hey Brad! While it's likely that you could find a ride back, I simply can't guarantee it (due to afternoon commitments and the unknown pace of other runners). It's probably best if you just plan on being at the northern end (Hwy P) and catch a ride back to the start. Plus, you'd be doing all of us other males a favor by missing out on an hour of beauty sleep. We could catch up a bit.